Want to Learn Pickleball and Have More Fun? Get expert instruction from a certified pickleball coach to improve your game and win more matches.

Get expert pickleball instruction–for beginner to intermediate players–from a USPTA certified tennis and pickleball coach in Southwest Florida.

Learn to Play Pickleball in SW Florida

Coaching Experience & Credentials

USPTA Certified Coach

She is a USPTA level 1 certified tennis instructor. She helps competitive tennis players (level 3.0-4.0) in Southwest Florida including areas of Venice, Englewood, Nolomis, Sarasota, and Fort Meyers achieve their goals in tennis.

Pickleball Professional

She is also a USPTA level 1 certified pickleball professional. She teaches beginning to intermediate pickleball players in Southwest Florida including areas of Venice, Englewood, Nolomis, Sarasota, and Fort Meyers.

Mental Game Coach

Audrey is a certified mental game coaching professional with Peak Performance Sports. She helps tennis and pickleball players take their practice game to competition and have more fun.

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Pickleball Student in Sarasota

I’ve played pickleball with Audrey for over a year. She has very effective drills to create non-attachable balls from all different parts of the court. We have worked a lot on service, dinks and hitting deep returns. Audrey is super encouraging on the court.

~Christine Santucci-Gratz

Pickleball Coach in Southwest Florida

I would recommend Audrey as both a teacher and coach. I’ve worked with Audrey for one year. She pushes her students in both tennis and pickleball. She has an immense passion for teaching others.

~Mercedes Ford

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